Jeremy Blake
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Artist Statement

     Rhythm can be experienced both aurally and visually, and I am intrigued by this notion of visual cadence.  This body of work represents a personal synthesis of these principles.  The forms and tonalities in the final images are my rendering of the effects I undergo when translating these minor and major chords.  I equate the emotional attributes of these chords with a subdued yet inflective element of a unified sequence.  It is the evasive and ever changing element of rhythm that fascinates me,  and the work is my interpretation of this delicate balance betweeen harmony and discord:  capturing the moment which causes refrain, the pause of introspection, in which the rhythms are viewed through individual terms.  When viewed on a fundamental level, rhythm is innate.  Specifically, when one contemplates the function of rhythm in such acts as breathing, the blinking of the eyes and the beating of the heart.  In essence, the experience of rhythm is an intrinsic aspect in the experience of life.  It is through the questioning and exploration of this concept that I arrived at the notion of visual cadence.  This body of work is meant to explore the kaleidoscopic nature of perception where terms such as wrong or right do not apply for perception itself changes as much as the individual.

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